Hurricane Shutters and Storm Panels

For the average homeowner, the high end hurricane rated options are just too expensive to be practical.

I have been researching options for homeowners here on Cape Cod and have researched many samples of the different wind damage protection products available. For the average homeowner, the more expensive hurricane rated options like roll-up storm shutters, impact resistant windows and colonial swing shutters are just too expensive to be practical.

Storm panels however, are much more affordable and can be custom made to fit any window configuration.

Some of these products can only be installed temporarily before and during an impending storm as they will degrade if left exposed to the sun, like over the Winter season.

The ones I like are UV Resistant clear polycarbonate panels that can be installed either before an impending weather event or can be left on to protect the home during the entire off-season.

One advantage of the clear poly panels is letting 95% of natural light to enter the building. This is especially important in the case of a storm related power outage. With plywood or metal you are left in the dark even during the daylight hours.

While protecting your home from storm damage and vandalism during the off season, they also allow security personnel, law enforcement and neighbors to see any unusual interior lights or fire from outside.

These Storm Panels are made of clear UV Resistant Polycarbonate which can be left exposed to sunlight year-round. They will protect your windows and doors from hurricane force winds, flying debris and severe weather and yet allow light in.

They passed the Dade County Hurricane test, and can resist Large Missile Impact (9 lb 2 X 4 missile shot out of an air cannon). The missile bounced off the 16mm / 25mm RDC Storm Panel preventing any damage to the panel or the glass behind it. Florida Building Code Approval #FL5723. The panels were also exposed to high air pressure simulated 170 MPH wind and passed the test.

Every Cape Cod homeowner should get a storm preparedness assessment done and have a storm preparation plan in place. Don’t wait until the storm is forecast to hit to get your property ready.

We have all seen the lines of people on tv trying to buy heavy plywood at Home Depot and get it installed right before the storm hits. Don’t let this be you! Be prepared, get ready now.

You may qualify for a discount on your homeowners policy if you have a storm readiness and wind damage mitigation plan in place.

Hurricane Shutters and Storm Panels: This video covers using plywood, steel panels and the different mounting options available.

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Posted by John Sortore from Ellenton, Fl on 08/08/11

Leaving storm protection up year round is dangerous if not installed according to fire codes. Everyone needs to remember that most storm protection also can act as a trap to the occupants during a fire or emergency. That’s why traditional burglar bars are no longer legal to use. If your storm protection does not allow egress from the room, you may well be putting your home, family of business at risk of serious injury or death.

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