WaterSafe Emergency Water Storage

Having an ample supply of safe clean water is a top priority in an emergency situation.

As you know, having an ample supply of safe clean water is a top priority in an emergency. When a hurricane is approaching, water is typically the first thing to sell out at grocery and home improvement stores, so many people waste valuable time trying to find it, often finding the amount is inadequate and the cost is high.
Preparation, as you know, is key.

2 and 5 gallon containers are too small, and larger barrels if you can find them are often cumbersome to store and cost-prohibitive to ship. We've solved all that.

WaterSafe stores flat and expands to 55 or 65 gallons either in a bathtub or standing alone. Its also easily transportable.

♦ SAFE - Protect water from bacteria, dust, bugs, animals, and other contamination.

♦ CONVENIENT - Stores easily and expands to fit in a bathtub or sink or can stand alone.

♦ AFFORDABLE - Costs less than most water storage systems. Store up to 65 gallons of clean water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, cooking and flushing.

The Watersafe is MADE IN AMERICA with FDA approved, food and beverage grade materials. Engineered with superior liquid packaging technology, the film has a clear, three-layer, non-barrier lamination that is developed to provide strong seals, extraordinary bag toughness and superior flex crack resistance.

Please click www.hurricanewarehouse.com to see our new line of WaterSafe emergency water storage products. We’re a Red Cross preferred partner, work with numerous CERT chapters and even Max Mayfield himself loves our system!

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